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Kevin Nolan ‘Let’s All Get Nervous’ Listening Party at the Big Romance, Dublin 13th December

December 8, 2022

Multi-instrumentalist, singer, composer and author Kevin Nolan will host a listening party of his upcoming album ‘Let’s All Get Nervous’ in the Big Romance, Dublin on the 13th of December from 6-8pm.

The Big Romance is an audiophile bar with a custom sound-system, a passion for great music, craft beers & good company. From the people behind Hidden Agenda.

The first 5 people will get a free 12 inch vinyl copy of ‘Let’s All Get Nervous’. There is no ticket needed.

Kevin Nolan bio:

They say that good things come to those who wait. That evergreen proverb feels tailormade for Kevin Nolan. Hailed as one of Ireland’s most fascinating artists by this very mag, the fiercely gifted singer/composer’s first full-length (the still shimmering ‘Fredrick & The Golden Dawn’) was unleashed in 2014. While Nolan has since released a fistful of singles, EPs and a compilation LP, fans had to re-learn the lost art of being patient when it came to getting their mitts on a second album. Now, after six years of toil, Nolan has finally unveiled ‘Let’s All Get Nervous’. Nolan displays a shark-like mentality throughout, always moving ahead and not afraid to show his teeth. Featuring appearances from the likes of Vyvienne Long, Mik Pyro, AlabasterDePlume and Susanne Wawra, tracks such as ‘The Dead-Beat’ and ‘The Coming Of Complete Night’ dazzle, in particular thanks to Kevin’s storytelling skills. Best of all is ‘Bow The Lyre’, which blends ’60s flower-power organ with bleeding edge beats to impressive effect.Tapping variously into dirty blues, art and math rock, jazz and spoken word, Let’s All Get Nervous is truly a feast for the ears. We need to talk about Kevin Nolan.” – Review of Let’s All Get Nervous by Edwin McFee, Hot Press.

Born and based in Dublin, Ireland. Nolan’s music has been played on BBC 6 radio and John Kelly, Lyric FM. In 2019 he collaborated with Susanne Wawra on an audio installation, ‘Kinderkurheim’ which was exhibited in The Irish Museum Of Modern Art. His latest release is ‘Let’s All Get Nervous’. Discover more of his work at

Further details for the listening party are outlined in the below:

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