Keith Margo Returns with his Second Single ‘Hello Monday’

July 1, 2021

Since releasing his infectious debut single ‘Rock N Rolla’, Keith Margo has found himself living in a world where each day rolls into the next. The working week no longer has a beginning or end. As far as Margo is concerned, Monday is just another day. You rise in the morning, you fall in the evening.

Over the last year, while sporting a haircut from 1966, he has gone back to the music he would hear on the radio in his younger days, the poetry of Frank O’Hara and images from forgotten times giving his new single ‘Hello Monday’, out Friday 2nd July,  a strong feeling of nostalgia.

A glittering tambourine carries you along through a wave of sun soaked jangling guitars. On top sits a weaving, hypnotic melody that’s so nice, you have to listen twice. Underneath is a rhythm section that keeps your head grooving.

‘Hello Monday’ is a summer classic that will ring in your ears long after you’ve finished listening. Expect more hits later in the year.

Written, produced, mixed and mastered by Keith Margo.





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