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Junior Brother releases the epic, sprawling opus ‘Junior Brother’s Favourite’

April 13, 2023

Following his latest, highly acclaimed sophomore record The Great Irish Famine, Junior Brother announces a one-of-a-kind EP, which is a twenty-minute song called “Junior Brother’s Favourite”. A final chapter in the strange yet stunning worlds conjured up by his previous three releases, “Junior Brother’s Favourite” swings for the heavens and never lets go.

This song was written on the day I moved back to Dublin after the first 3 months of the 2020 lockdown spent at home in Co. Kerry. After that long-feeling period of uncertainty and writers’ block at home, I sat to try once more to write something. As soon as I did, the flow returned in a rush of focus never before felt – the atmospheres of home so crucial to my work returned again only upon my leaving. Everything which silently built up during the previous few months was suddenly spit up and staked to the front of my subconscious in a dizzying frenzy. Uncharged images from the months of nothingness now beckoned meaning, and meanings more images, until field was followed by meadow, then beach, then sea, until everything reached the sky, and fear became my favourite, and the darkness was chiseled to try to look like love.”

Recorded by John “Spud” Murphy in the atmospheric Hellfire Studios in the Dublin Mountains, “Junior Brother’s Favourite” features Junior’s new band in full for the first time on record. his comes in anticipation for a full band run through the UK in April, where the new single plus many more will be performed in full by the Junior Brother Band. More band dates are to be announced very soon.

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