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John Lynch celebrates Ringsend on the track ‘Guardians’.

April 25, 2023

John Lynch is a renowned Irish folk songwriter. A natural born storyteller, he embodies the character of the capital, Dublin. Years of harnessing his craft has found itself shaped into his new single ‘Guardians’, based on the coastal village of Ringsend, home to the iconic chimney towers.

Working closely with Larry Hogan (John Spillane, KÍLA) of Dublin Studio Hub, John has crafted his own style in meshing together Irish folk with a contemporary twist. A new catalogue of original songs dealing with historical and current themes is set for release this June, on his new six-track EP ‘1922’.

Lynch delves deep into the history of his city, almost looking at it through a reflection of his himself, as if he and the city are as one, exploring life’s cyclical nature through song.

On the song, John says:

“Every time I leave Dublin port either by boat or plane they are always in the landscape and remind me of two bouncers or guardians watching and protecting all of the travelers to and from the Dublin Bay region. The south wall pier and pool beg lighthouse that extend on from the ESB chimneys also feature in the song as a favourite walk for Dubliners but also an acknowledgement to the rich history of the lighthouses to safely bring mariners into the port of Dublin.”

John headlines the famous Cobblestone Pub ahead of busy summer of releases and live dates. Guardians is released on the 21st of April and marks the next creative chapter for the Dubliner. 

In August of 2021, John Lynch released his debut album ‘City Stars’, which received national airplay and Hot Press claimed “further establishes John as one of the countries most promising singer-songwriters”. 

Since then, the last 18 months have been anything but quiet. He continued to gather momentum by selling out the Sugar Club, as well as selling out his UK dates. Previously, John shared the bill with the likes of Christy Moore, Jerry Fish, Mary Coughlan and more, which reflects the level of talent he possesses.

2023 is looking to continue this trend with a string of single s, his new EP and further live dates and festival appearances.

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