John Blek Shares New Video and Single

August 23, 2021

John Blek fans have reason to celebrate with new single ‘Cormorant’ released on 20th August. This is the second single to be taken from Blek’s upcoming album ‘On Ether & Air’ due out on 10 September.  ‘Cormorant’ is an up-tempo song with a graceful guitar line under lyrics with a distinctly nautical theme. Mythologically the cormorant means different things in different fishing cultures but for many, the bird is a sign of good luck.

‘Cormorant’ features Kris Drever, of the Scottish band Lau on guitar and backing vocals, winner of an incredible seven BBC 2 Folk Awards. Kris also served as the inspiration for the song. John explains, “He and his wife were expecting their second child but he had to travel away from home for work. The longing to be home to support one’s partner contrasting with the necessity to work away in order to provide is something that has always occupied my mind. The comparison between a touring musician and a long-haul fisherman is one I have drawn on before, having had many confessional conversations with fishermen over the years.

The striking vintage-style video for ‘Cormorant’ was filmed and directed by Blek using Super 8mm footage he filmed around the Port of Cork and his own garden, which was then edited and projected onto the faces of John and his wife Ciara. It beautifully illustrates the couple’s longing to be together conflicting with the necessity of leaving home to provide for a family. The video ends with a sweet shot which will warm hearts, and provides a beautiful resolution to the song.

John lives and was raised in Cork City, but in listening to his music one can hear the impact of travel and experience on his work. Influenced by Bert Jansch, Bob Dylan and Neil Young, Blek is a storyteller first and foremost. He began his solo career in 2014 and since then has created at a prolific rate, releasing an album a year. On Ether & Air will be the final part of his ‘Catharsis’ project, a four album exploration of themes of the sea, the earth, the embers and the air. Written over a period of six weeks and recorded throughout the second half of 2019, collaboration was key to the creation of ‘On Ether & Air’.

John explains, “Chance encounters and some fortunate timing lead to me being able to work with some of my favourite musicians. Getting people with such unique playing styles involved went a long way in defining the sound of ‘On Ether & Air’ and creating an album of which I am immensely proud.

Due to Covid lockdowns, last year John had the heart-breaking task of canceling or rescheduling an entire tour of sixty gigs. Thankfully he takes to the road again from September to December of this year for gigs in Ireland, as well as a comprehensive European tour taking in many dates in the UK, Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands. For all tour dates, check out his website.

Fri 10th Sept     The American Bar, Belfast. Tickets
Fri 8th Oct         Cleere’s Theatre, Kilkenny
Sun 10th Oct     Spirit Store, Dundalk
Sat 16th Oct      Triskel, Cork. Tickets
Sun 17th Oct     Workman’s Club, Dublin. Tickets
Sat 23rd Oct      The Black Gate, Galway.

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