Joe Chester to Release ‘Foreign Correspondent’

May 29, 2019

Taken from Joe Chester’s lost album ‘She Darks Me’, the most melodic and liberating of Joe’s releases, ‘Foreign Correspondent’ has been given the 2019 remaster treatment adding a new dimension of sonic elegance. Rich vocals and flowing layers of crisp guitar lines give us an intricate landscape to indulge. Joe once again proves his worth as a producer of substantial skill and artistry. He is at the peak of his indie-pop powers on this very fine cut representing his talent for creating a catchy tune with real depth and honesty.

Joe say’s of the single, “It’s about people who have forgotten how to love, if they ever knew how. Love, for them, becomes something to be measured out like the advancing and retreating of the ocean. A spiteful love. About the moment you realise that love is gone. It just shrinks and disappears in front of your eyes like erosion and you’re a stranger and time slows down to nothing.”

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