Jared Dylan Collaborates with Paddy Casey

July 23, 2019

New Jersey native Jared Dylan has just released his brand new single ‘Here I Am’, co-written with Paddy Casey at Grouse Lodge. The track is out now across all streaming platforms and digital formats.

Upon his arrival at Grouse Lodge, Jared Dylan was consumed by the magic of Ireland. It was his first time visiting the country and he came with a purpose. “I don’t think a song like this could have been written in the states” Jared speculates.

Paddy Casey and Dylan met in the studio on the day of Dylan’s arrival. They immediately clicked and they proceeded to work through the night. By 6am they had completed an 11 minute demo of the sonic masterpiece that is ‘Here I Am’. 

It is an anthem for risk takers,” says Dylan, when discussing the inspiration for the song.  Genuine creativity is clearly paramount to this young artist as he continues to describe his effort to remain as vulnerable as possible in his artistic and romantic endeavors. “They are all love songs” is how he describes his vast catalog of original compositions. “I love what I do, so I see every song as a love song on some level”.

Jared toured Ireland for the better part of 2018; opening for Paddy Casey, Aslan, and Ryan O’Shaughnessy as well as writing with Stephanie Rainey, Joolz Jones, and Ryan Sheridan to name just a few.

Out now, ‘Here I Am’ is available across all streaming platforms and digital formats.


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