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Jamie O’Reilly to Release Debut Album

December 8, 2020

Young Irish singer-songwriter Jamie O’Reilly describes his music as Dream Folk and draws inspiration from artists like Ben Howard, Leonard Cohen, Fleet Foxes and Father John Misty. His fragile, soothing voice, together with his poetic and evocative lyrics and soft, wholesome guitar picking will cleanse your soul and offer an escape from reality.

He recorded his debut album ‘Me And Only Me’, set for release on 11th December, whilst studying in Germany on a music scholarship at Popakademie. Jamie writes straightforward, relatable lyrics that speak directly to listeners and provoke reflection and thought. His songs explore the transition of time, from light to darkness and back again, the essence of growth and the cycle of life itself. Ultimately, our real lives are lived on the inside and how we project our thoughts and interpret our surroundings. Jamie’s songs mostly start out as poems, which he then puts to music.

He is a very authentic and genuine person with a charismatic and meaningful aura, which reflects in his unfiltered, honest songwriting. On stage, he loses himself in the music and pulls his audience with him, making his concerts a truly emotional and wholesome experience.

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