Jake Carter Announces Valentine’s Release

February 4, 2020

Carter is a name synonymous with pop music over the years. Jay-Z and Beyonce. Nick and Aaron. We all remember The Carter Twins in the mid-‘90s too, don’t we? It’s somewhat noticeable that musical Carters always seem to come in pairs. With that in mind, it would be easy to attach pop purveyor Jake Carter to his older brother (and country music sensation) Nathan; however, Jake is trying to break the mould when it comes to the Carter duo tradition and forge his own path in the industry.

Jakes Latest single ‘Loving In Darkness’ is slightly different to his previous releases in that it is the first pop ballad that he has ever released.

Tear-jerking pop-ballad track ‘Loving In Darkness’, is set for release on February 14th. The track was produced by Diffusion Lab’s Chris Bubenzer and Marcin Ciszczon, the team behind Jake’s previous single ‘I Wont Be Leaving’ as well as the likes of FLYNN, Jafaris, Soule and Rushes among others in recent years. 

Liverpool born but Ireland based since he was 18, Jake, still only 21, has already made a name for himself in the world of creative arts through his victory on Dancing With The Stars as well as acting roles in a number of stage shows. While he enjoys the idea of continuing to bring that triple threat of acting, dancing and singing, music is Jake’s first love.

Having previously admitted to feeling like he had lived in his brother’s shadow, the 21-year old is now seeking to firmly establish himself as a pop star in the mould of Olly Murs and Justin Timberlake and to create music that reflects who he really is and not who people think he should be. 

‘Loving In Darkness’ is a song full of emotion and was written by Jake and Irish songwriter Mark Caplice in just one day at The Nucleus Studio in Dublin. 

Speaking on the song’s origins, Carter says: “It is the most personal song I have ever written. The day myself and ‘Cappy’ wrote the song felt more like a therapy session as apposed to a songwriting session. Every time I hear the song it takes me back to a certain time in my life that was extremely heartbreaking and emotional.”

Jake now has over 340k total streams on Spotify as well as 315k views on his YouTube channel. Combine that with appearances on The Ray D’Arcy Show and The Late Late Show, shows at Vicar Street and Cork opera house as well as radio slots on Today FM, 2FM, Spin1038 and more, Jake Carter, who has plenty more songs in the pipeline, looks set to build upon the success he’s had so far and make a name for himself in the music industry.

Website : JakeCarterOfficial.Com
Facebook : @JakeCarterOfficial
Instagram : @JakeCarterMusic
Twitter : @JakeCarterMusic

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