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Jack Keeshan Release E.P. ‘Internal Dialogue’

September 2, 2022

“For someone so young, Jack Keeshan’s writing prowess is beyond his years”- Roddie Cleere (Irish Music Show)

“Jacks songs touch on the metaphysical and his early music has the echoes of titans running through it. It has Leonard Cohen’s fingerprints , the scent of the best of Bob Dylan and at its core is an inimitable gentleness and ease that makes it instantly endearing” – Darren Keegan (Midlands Tribune)

A proud Roscrea native, Jack Keeshan is not just some other young fellow with a guitar strung round his shoulder; this becomes evident when you see the young man perform.
He has the fingerprints of Bob Dylan and the echoes of Bob Marely flowing through his music. This is a young songwriter with a very different message.

In today’s world music can be very formulated and constructed in many diverse forms and because of this type of manufacturing having an artist who can stand by their authentic self is important. On one hand it’s key that these beliefs and morals be there and on the other there must be awareness so they don’t compromise their work, they need to strike a balance. Jack’s morals and visions would seem to come from his passion.
When the songwriter plays he oozes passion and dedication and it is truly infectious while also having the ability to inspire passion in other people.

This young man has an amazing gift to communicate through song and spoken word.
He believes it does not matter who someone is or whether they are rich or poor, young or old, the thing to keep at the front of our minds is that everyone has something to teach even down to someone we may believe has nothing to teach, they always do if you just listen.

Jack definitely has a positive philosophy on life and the world as a whole. Mental health has been a very important issue that he has done a lot of work for through busking and working as a mental health officer during his years at college.

Keeshan has just released “Internal Dialogue” a six track E.P that deals with a lot of social issues ranging from domestic violence to addiction and housing.

He plays Electric Picnic on the 3rd of September.

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