Jack Hughes Announces New Single ‘Wasn’t Built That Way’

November 17, 2021

Jack Hughes announces his brand new single release ‘Wasn’t Built That Way’, due out this Friday, 19th November 2021.

‘Wasn’t Built That Way’ follows the release of his hit single ‘Crossed The Line’ which garnered support from RTÉ 2FM’s Track of the Week with Jenny Greene, Track of the Week on Spin South West and huge support throughout Spin 103.8, Today FM, Cork’s 96FM, WLR, 8 Radio and many more. 

Speaking about the single ‘Wasn’t Built That Way’, Jack said: “It’s a song title that speaks for itself but the song alone hinders a story that is worth searching for.” 

The song was first written by Jack in January of 2019. It was on the train back from the Recording Studio where Jack heard the melody of WBTW in his head, and after months and lots of songs written later, he found the urge to bring the song to studio. 

The stories and thought-frame that go into each of Jack’s songs is something that he decides not to comment on. He remains a solidified believer in the concept of songs meaning different things to different people and would hate to ever purposely disarrange this experience. Instead, Jack invites the listeners to take note of the musical techniques that are incorporated into the song. Each song has been constructed on the basis that at least one snippet of his anecdotes can be withdrawn and be of some importance to that individual in that they can relate to it in their own way. 

Growing up, music had always been the place away from human contact where Jack could express his emotions and feelings. Each of his songs encompasses a sinister undertone that deals with an issue or a problem that he would like to, not necessarily deal with, but express in an indirect manner. A manner that aims at avoiding controversy and dispute, but instead, hopes at inviting a listener to play detective and learn to relate. 

It wasn’t until 2018 when Jack finally found a place where it solely could be him, his lyric book, and an old, out-of-tune piano in a school in Switzerland.

For quite some time, Jack’s main struggle lay in trying to define his overall sound and concept. From co-writing his debut single, to solely writing his biggest achievement yet, “Selfless”. Alongside his producer Joe Egan, Jack took two whole years to finally develop his sound and place in music.  

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