Jack Dora Releases ‘Mine Forever’

August 27, 2021

Critically acclaimed Indie-pop artist Jack Dora is back with his bold new single ‘Mine Forever’. Having received support across national radio and write-ups from HotPress, Earmilk and Notbad the Sligo native has been called “one of the most compelling new forces in Irish music.” (Hot Press Magazine)

‘Mine Forever’ is fueled by sparkling 80’s dance-pop and new wave sounds. The song looks back at the bright resonances of the 1980’s, with hypnotic industrial drums, glistening synths, slapping basslines and slick guitar riffs. Taking influence from Prince and Madonna in its soundscape and vocal delivery, ‘Mine Forever’ is a song about obsession and control within toxic relationships. In Dora’s own words “It’s supposed to lure you into this positive and vibrant soundscape and then turn you inside out. You almost think you’re listening to a typical love song about pure naive devotion but you’re listening to a very toxic person describe their twisted unhealthy infatuation with their partner.”

With this single, Dora moves from his more post-punk sound to one focused on the sleek production of 80’s pop music, while still retaining some of the attitude and eccentric delivery of his earlier singles. “This song is the introduction to the unreliable narrators of the upcoming EP. It’s taking the pretty sounds of 80’s synth-pop and flipping it on its head by bringing modern issues of toxic masculinity and ego into the equation… and still making you dance to it”.

This is the first single from Dora’s upcoming debut EP slated for release sometime early in 2022. Jack wrote, recorded and produced the track in his bedroom in Dublin. It was mixed by the Irish London-based musician Yenkee and mastered by Fergal Davis (Muse, Republic of Loose, Sinead O’ Connor). Dora plans on performing very soon with the music scene reopening, after previous performances in Whelans with Dublin artist St. Bishop, Blushing Boy and Tanjier.

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