Irish Troubadour Keith Margo Releases Debut Single

March 29, 2021

After years of travelling in the belly of the beast, spitting and coughing, drowning in the Devil’s drink, puffing heavily on fifty cigarettes a day, balancing on his head a haircut from nineteenseventytwo, Keith Margo got sick of singing to the tune of other people’s songs. That’s when he wrote the new single everybody’s talking about: ‘Rock N Rolla’.

In those perilous years, Margo absorbed all manner of the arts from the paintings of Goya, Rimbaud’s poetry, all the way up to Ziggy Stardust and beyond. He draws from these bohemians, giving his new single ‘Rock N Rolla’ a timeless feel.

Keith Margo is bringing songwriting back to Rock N Roll! From the word go, the drums are in your face, the coven of guitars are putting you under their spell. A wailing guitar solo, wild bassline and a ‘Sympathy For The Devil’ style ending keep you coming back for more. Margo’s voice reaches into your soul.

‘Rock N Rolla’ is only the start for Keith Margo. Expect more heavy hitters as the year goes on.

Written, performed, produced, mixed and mastered by Keith Margo. Colm Quearney plays bass, lead guitars & philicordia.


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