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Irish rapper DALY shares heartfelt new single ‘Love Me Now’

March 31, 2023

Daly (Aaron Daly) is a hip-hop artist from the Northside of Dublin, Ireland. He started out as a busker in Dublin City Centre and worked his way up to performing at festivals such as Electric Picnic. He has been active in the Irish Music scene for the past eight years and is the Co-Founder of The Secret Sessions. Throughout his career, Daly has had the opportunity to play live music at some of the most esteemed locations in Ireland, such as Whelan’s (Main Stage), The Grand Social, The Ruby Sessions, Workman’s, The Sound House, and more.

Daly has had the privilege of sharing the spotlight with some of Ireland’s most celebrated Rap and Hip-Hop artists like JyellowL, Aaron J, Jafaris, and many more!

Daly has taken a conscious stance on his music in his past singles ‘Everything Will Be Okay’, from which he donated all proceeds to Pieta House, as well as ‘Eliminate’, with the proceeds going to another suicide charity, Skate Against Suicide. He has made appearances at many concerts through the years to benefit different charities.

His music has received over 20,000 Spotify streams, and he has built a loyal fanbase over the years, which he hopes to expand on with the release of his second EP, ‘Forget Me Not’ which is due for release later this spring with the first single ‘Love Me Now’ dropping March 27th.

Love me now is a beautiful yet tragic love story. Taking place at the end moments of a break up it tells the tale of a young man struggling with the emotional trauma and anger of losing his long loved partner. Posing the question, please tell me if you love me now?

As the track progresses the man looks inwards, switching the blame and focus from her to him. Showing there is still pain in maturity and self-reflection. The switch from protagonist to antagonist is a refreshing twist but still pulls on the heart strings during every second of the track.

A beautiful story telling an honest piece of art sure to bring you to tears and relatable memories.

The song took inspiration from the likes of Damien Rice and Mac Miller in terms of style and writing.

Speaking about the track, Daly states:

“The inspiration behind Love Me Now came from a real-life situation. Writing is a way of healing for me and going through a break up myself, this song was the result of the final goodbye.”

“The message I want fans to be able to take from the song is that sometimes when relationships end it’s easy to fall into the blame game trap. But instead you must be mature enough to accept you can make mistakes and it’s ok to love someone but must say goodbye without letting it destroy your mental health.”

All the recording was done between Daly and Adam McNamara. A fantastic musician and studio engineer. They went through 4 different singers on the hook before they finally got to Colleen Coughlan whose voice suited it beautifully. The entire track was produced over many sessions with both Daly and Adam sitting down perfecting it piece by piece. And the heartbeat is Daly’s actual heartbeat. He did push-ups in the studio and stuck the mic to his chest so there’s no 808 or kick that is his heartbeat the entire way through the song.

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