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Irish indie-dream pop artist david ofmg releases sophomore single “city”

April 28, 2023

david ofmg is a solo dream pop and emo artist originating from Arklow, Co. Wicklow. He has been performing around the Louth music scene since he was a teenager, playing in venues such as Workmans Club, the Grand Social and the TLT supporting The Academic. Although he mainly performed as a session guitarist with bands such as modernlove. and Dog Day Afternoon, he has now begun writing and recording his own solo material.

Taking inspiration from a wide variety of sources from emo to dream pop to progressive music, David has crafted a sound that is both ambient, yet catchy, with a strong emotional undercurrent. Through a myriad of life experiences, David is able to approach difficult topics in his songwriting with dignity and deference in a way that resonates deeply with audiences. David released his debut single “note to myself” on 27th January 2023 to wide critical acclaim.

This song further explores the themes of dissociation which comes from being overwhelmed by the unwritten social rules of the modern world. Where the “city” is this foreboding entity which consumes you and changes everything about you on both a spiritual and physical level. The constant need for stimulation from everything around you but never being fully satisfied.

It paints the picture of a person surrounded by a city of possibilities and desires, yet rather than feeling an overt sense of joy, they feel alienated and more alone than ever. The song was produced alongside Daniel Rooney (modernlove.) and was written and recorded on the Hannah Montana Superstar children’s guitar.

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