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Irish Artist/Producer 1000 Beasts X Célia Tiab Collab on Neo Soul ‘NYCBB’

July 9, 2021

June 9th sees the second offering from 1000 Beasts’ debut album, ‘NYCBB’ is a sexy neo-soul inspired sound, with French jazz vocalist and songwriter Célia Tiab (Soft Boy Records) arriving as his collaborator.

1000 Beasts is the alias of Cian Sweeney, an Irish producer/artist who collaborates with different artists on every track (they are the “beasts” behind the name) to make soulful, indiepop & hip hop inspired tracks. His production work has seen him garner over 15,000,000 streams on Spotify for collaborators songs and his own artist project, and he’s a platinum selling producer thanks to his work on the 2020 hit song ‘Fake Fine’ by Robert Grace.

His debut EP ‘On A Different Page’ was released in July 2020 through Unity Group (Paris) followed by the runaway success of his remixes for Elaine Malone (‘You’) and Joshua Burnside (‘Noa Mercier’).

‘For You & I’ was his most recent release, in collaboration with rising Irish artist Alex Tierney, and achieved playlisting on 10 Spotify editorials on release.

1000 Beasts sits at nearly 100,000 monthly listeners on Spotify.

2021 will see 1000 Beasts release his debut album through Jawdropper Records who are backed by worldwide digital distribution via the Universal Music owned InGrooves.

Célia Tiab is a name you may recognise if you’ve been keeping a close eye on the Soft Boy Records crew releases and collaborators over the last few years. The 20 year old Jazz singer and songwriter hails from a small town in the south of France, and has been noted for her work with producer Brién, Gaptoof and Kojaque.

The Belfast based artist co-wrote Kojaques ‘Casio’ feat Maverick Sabre and co-stars in the last release from the album ‘Sex N’ Drugs’ which landed on Spotify NMF 4 days ago, from his anticipated debut album ‘Towns Dead’.

A long time collaborator, Tiabs vocal also appears on Kojaques 2020 single ‘Coming Up’.

Currently developing her own project with producer Brién, Célia Tiab sites Donny Hathaway, Stevie Wonder, Lauryn Hill, D’Angelo and India Arie as influences on her musical journey, which began at a very young age with her learning to play.

‘NYCBB’ is a sexy neo-soul inspired sound, with French jazz vocalist and songwriter Célia Tiab (Soft Boy Records) arriving as his collaborator.

An instant earworm that shows the range of styles that 1000 Beasts can lean into with his ever evolving output of music. The second offering from the highly anticipated debut album due out later this year.

Accompanying the track is a lyric video with artwork by Simon Curran.

“I first heard of Célia through her collaboration with Brién on ‘Can I Lie With U’ which was so beautiful. I was a fan from that moment, I reached out to her with a few tracks at the start of the lockdown last year and she vibed with ‘NYCBB’, I think she sent some vocals back to me the next day and that was pretty much the whole track finished, they were that good.

This is probably the most neosoul or soultronic track on the record but I really wanted to experiment with the genre and the different contrasting sounds of soul with electronic elements like the cwo filter on my OP1 to make some weird textures.” 1000 Beasts

“It was really interesting working on this tune. For the first time, I was not identifying the track with my own music, and therefore I really had a lot of fun, without thinking of making it emotional or complicated. The lyrics and the melody you’re hearing were my first drafts, and I’m glad Cian was happy with it, because they depict the carefree state of mind I was in when I was working on it. It sounds just like the synthesis of collaborating with someone I’ve never seen before, and getting out of my comfort zone in terms of songwriting and delivery. Such a fun experience!” Célia Tiab

1000 Beasts

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Célia Tiab

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