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Indie Band Ratios Set to Release New Single ‘Wait Some Time’

August 22, 2022

RATIOS are a 3 piece Kildare/Wicklow based indie-rock band consisting of lead singer Dan O’Shaughnessy, Liam Brady and Mike O’Sullivan who began as a 2-piece in September 2021.

Despite having no luck securing any additional members to add to the line-up, both Liam and Dan entered the studio to release a single which they hoped would draw some attention to their sound and attract a bassist to join.

Their first single ‘Yellow Ribbon’ was released March 10th 2022, and gained the attention of Mike O’Sullivan, who came across an ad which the band had published. Mike became a driving force behind the band’s sound and invited a whole new platform for them to experiment creatively.

Since then, RATIOS have performed across some of Dublin’s most iconic venues for new bands (Whelan’s, Fibber Magees, The Workman’s Club) and most recently had the pleasure of opening for Desert Storm while they were on tour.

The band are now set to burst back on to the music scene and hope to make a bigger name for themselves with their infectious, snappy and memorable new single ‘Wait some time’ which will be released on August 26th 2022.

“Our musical influences range from QOTSA, Arctic Monkeys, IDLES, Viagra Boys, Cage the elephant, Nirvana. We do not base our music on any of those bands but we listen to them heavily for inspiration really.  We are a pretty energetic band(in the studio and on stage) . We like playing loud. We really just enjoy the freedom of being creatively energetic in our approach to music and writing. Our songs are riff based so we always try to develop hooks around the riffs and make them catchy. As I said we are energetic so it comes through in our songs.”

“The main guitar riff in Wait Some Time was written 8 years ago but was never developed until recently. The song quickly came together quickly over two rehearsal sessions when the main riff was played and ideas began to flourish.”

“The song itself portrays a delusional state of mind and the struggle to break through a maze of uncertainty and indecisiveness. Whilst trying to break through barriers, waiting on oneself to do so seems like the only key.”

“The song is energy driven from start to finish. That was our aim from when we began to write it. We wanted to create something different that we feel stands out from others. We blended indie-rock elements and an energy driven punk chorus to portray an eclectic mixture of our creative influences.”

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