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Indie Alt-Folk Artist Blake’s Fortune Releases Sophomore Album ‘Searcher Dreamer’

August 4, 2020

31/07/20 saw the anticipated release of the sophomore album ‘Searcher Dreamer’ by Irish alt-folk artist Blake’s Fortune.

Blake’s Fortune is the work of Irish songwriter John Lennon who hails from Dublin. His style could be described as alternative or indie folk. His debut album ‘Hello World’ was self-released in 2017 to a positive reception. 2020 has seen the release of ‘Searcher’ and ‘Redwood Heart’ – the opening two tracks from his latest album ‘Searcher Dreamer’. Both tracks received very positive reviews with Hot Press premiering ‘Searcher’ and making ‘Redwood Heart’ their “Track of the Day”, along with radio support from 2FM, KCLR, 2XM and many more Irish regional stations. John Kennedy also made ‘Searcher’ his X-Posure ‘Hot One’ for Radio X in the UK on St. Patrick’s Day.

‘Searcher Dreamer’ also features artists Ailbhe Reddy and Basciville

On the album, John has this to say:

“In comparison to ‘Hello World’s’ coastal theme, ‘Searcher Dreamer’ takes a more inland route and is a more earthy and ethereal affair. A tale of feeling lost, finding love, losing love, and trying desperately to find hope from within a seemingly hopeless situation. Sonically it’s got a rather old-fashioned sound due to the vintage gear that we used. It gave the whole album a rootsy vibe. As for the recording process, it was an organic one. Each musician made full use of their artistic freedom, so the songs took on a life of their own. It was a real pleasure to record. As for the album’s theme, it’s very much a progression on the first, right down to the artwork which depicts a pathway that picks up where it left off on the first album. Only this time the pathway leads into unknown territory. We’ve all had relationships fail for various reasons and we’ve all either learned from them or have gone on to make the same mistakes over and over again. Not being able to see the wood for the trees at times. It’s a journey I invite the listener to take and apply their circumstance to. And I hope it helps them come to terms with how they’ve played the hand they’ve been dealt.”

‘Searcher Dreamer’ was recorded over a week with producer Darragh Nolan in Asta Kalapa Studio’s in Wexford.

Ailbhe Reddy’s stunning backing vocals feature on all 10 tracks.

Blake’s Fortune is supported on bass, guitar and drums by brothers Lorcan and Cillian Byrne of Basciville.

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