Host Returns with ‘Crying For Days’

June 24, 2019

Host returns with another slice of dreamy pop on new single ‘Crying For Days’. The Irish synthpop artist first made waves with her debut EP, a delightfully off-center collection that took glittering eighties pop and nudged it carefully over the edge. Swimming in lush synths and melodies, ‘Crying For Days’ is a similarly blissful offering and a refreshing delight in a sea of new music.

The new track marks an ever-growing confidence for Host as she blends her energetic, upbeat sound with a more contemplative narrative. Host’s vocals dim the electric energy slightly, but only to give it a moody, ethereal feel. Host displays the same kind of earnest lyrics as indie darlings Pale Waves, blissful and wide-eyed in its delivery. Together with her vivid soundscape, the result will get your heart pumping and leave that glittery feeling of nostalgia in your veins. The electro-pop singer had this to say about her new track:

When coping with crisis it’s almost impossible to accept what’s happening and to see the positive elements of the situation. I think being aware of what’s going to happen next sends you backwards and your body retreats to a dark state of denial, but no matter how deep you fall into it you can feel the grief in the back of your throat reminding you of the harsh reality of the situation.”

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