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Hand In Hand – Kidogo Irish Aboriginal Festival takes place next month

February 2, 2023

For the first time, Irish Artists and Poets are flying in to Fremantle, in Perth, Australia specially for Hand in Hand – Kidogo Irish Aboriginal Festival. The festival explores deep connection between Irish and Aboriginal people through storytelling, poetry, music, art and more at the Kidogo Arthouse and surrounds.

A boutique, grassroots festival, the events are run by Artist and Director of Kidogo Arthouse, Joanna Robertson. As an Irish woman working closely with Aboriginal artists in Fremantle for over 15 years, Joanna was inspired by the many stories of the history, familial connections & friendships between the Aboriginal and Irish people in Western Australia.

In March 2021, this unique and relatively unknown connection was embraced for the first time in a program that included live music connecting Irish and Western Australian performers, poetry, book launches and readings, exhibitions, dance, friendly AFL and GAA football, an Irish soda-bread versus damper cook-off as well as A 10 metre-high mega projection wall that featured virtual performances by internationally renowned Irish musicians.

This years festival, takes place 17th – 19th March, supported by Culture Ireland.  The line-up includes Irish performers Eddie Sherlock, Tony Curtis, STANO and poet Manchán Magan among others.

For more info on the festival:


The Rattling Kind – Eddie Sherlock (IRE) • David Milroy • Boox Kid • The Healys • Kobi Morrison • Fiona Rea • Tony Curtis (IRE) • Kankawa Nagarra – Olive Knight • Kenneth Dawson • John Barrett • The Struggling Kings • Lucky Oceans • Meg McGuire • Manchán Magan (IRE) • McGuire Family Band • Djoogan Keeninyirra • STANO (IRE) • Lois Olney • Brian Finn • Rob Zielinski • Manuela Centanni • Nigel Healy • Cormac Healy • Kavisha Mazzella • Lucy McGuire • Ceili • Flash Mob!

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