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HamsandwicH celebrate 20th anniversary with new single ‘Good Friday’

April 6, 2023

Celebrating 20 years since they formed, HamsandwicH are releasing new single ‘Good Friday’ on April 7 and have announced a slew of shows across Ireland.

‘Good Friday’ is the closing track off HamsandwicH’s highly acclaimed album Magnify, released towards the tail end of 2022. The track holds lots of sentimental value for the band. Not only did they form HamsandwicH 20 years ago at a “Good Friday Party” but the track itself features the voice of their late manager Derek Nally. It is fitting then, that to mark the start of their 20th anniversary celebrations they release ‘Good Friday’, a song that encapsulates where they started from and where they are today 20 years later, on Good Friday.

Of the single singer Niamh Farrell says: “Good Friday has received a great response from fans old and new, it’s a very special song to the band as you can hear our late manager Derek Nally’s voice in the song. The song is a homage to 20 years of HamsandwicH and holding on to friendships through tough times.”. Guitarist Brian Darcy goes on to say: “This track quickly became a fan favourite for many on their first play of our new album Magnify. It’s has a great bass groove that loops around for most of the track. The dark synths with hopeful lyrics create the perfect musical backdrop to end the album.”

The writing and recording of Magnify encouraged new ways of working for the band, notably collaborating with producer Michael Heffernan (Dermot Kennedy, Ailbhe Reddy, Thumper) for the first time. Working with a different cast of collaborators, including Justin Gerrish (Vampire Weekend, The Strokes, Yeah Yeah Yeahs) as well as Emily Lazar and Chris Allgood (Beck, Haim) who mastered the record, also facilitated the band’s renewed perspective towards making music. On Magnify, the band incorporated an array of fresh influences and electronic soundscapes whilst maintaining melodic motifs integral to their idiosyncratic style. Their ease of moving from propulsive rhythms to introspective and sweet soundscapes is effortless and a testament to their remarkable musicianship and unwavering chemistry as a band. Magnify is a testament to HamsandwicH’s spirited and assured artistic voice, of their penchant to be daring with their music.

‘Good Friday’ is out April 7, 2023

Tour Dates

April 29 – Live at St. Luke’s, Cork (Acoustic)

April 30 – Feile na Bealtaine, St. James’ Church, Dingle (Acoustic)

May 20 – Stables, Mullingar (Acoustic)

May 26 – Mike the Pies, Listowel (Acoustic)

June 3 – Wildroots Festival, Sligo

July 8 – Sult Festival, Donegal

August 6 – Indiependence, Cork

October 21 – Olympia Theatre, Dublin

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