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GRWL releases debut single “Overstayed”

December 1, 2020

GRWL is a Dublin-based artist releasing her debut single Overstayed. Drawing influence from SZA, Clairo, H.E.R and SiR, the track contains soulful vocals over subdued RnB and an influence of pop. With uplifting guitar, dreamy harmonies, and a story within the lyrics, this strong debut release entices listeners from beginning to end, making it a track to keep on repeat.

Speaking about her track, GRWL details that the lyrics explore the complexity of relationships in a modern world and the constant drive to feel happy and secure in yourself. ‘Overstayed’ gives us a sense of her position in her world, and is a stunning introduction to her music and the stories her lyrics tell.

Leah, who adopted the moniker GRWL talks about how “when you’re in a relationship that doesn’t seem to be going well or when the feeling of loneliness takes over, you have to take control of what is going on and that is really tough, they are difficult conversations to have with yourself. We are all in charge of who we spend time with and how we are treated so to separate yourself from something that no longer serves you emotionally or no longer looks out for you, is an uncomfortable truth.” “I really just want to get across that feeling of knowing how it feels to sit in a pub surrounded by your mates but your head is running wild thinking of someone else or how upset you’ve been. I’ve found myself there many times and I really wanted to get that across in my lyrics.”

With the help of Adam Redmond from Flaked Studios, the production on the track started to bring the song to another level from where it humbly began. Written in her bedroom, consisting solely of electric guitar and vocals, GRWL wished to elevate the production. The harmonies layering the song create a rich large sound while simultaneously paying tribute to her favourite artists such as SZA and H.E.R. GRWL strived to match the level of production to her musical inspirations and the depth of emotion she feels when listening to these women.

This is simply a taster as to what GRWL has in store for us. Plans to release more music are underway, and having previously graced stages in Whelans, The Grand Social and The Workmans Club, she is eagerly looking forward to getting back to performing gigs to showcase her music in a live venue.

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