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Greenshine Raising Funds For Ukraine With New Single ‘Blue Velvet’

March 22, 2022

Greenshine looked on with great sadness at the unfolding Hell in Ukraine and it made us determined to do whatever they could to help alleviate the suffering in their own small way.

To that end, Greenshine are releasing BLUE VELVET for UKRAINE to raise funds for Irish Red Cross and their UKRAINE CRISIS APPEAL.

All monies raised from BLUE VELVET for UKRAINE from this song will be distributed on the ground in Ukraine.

Ways to donate:

1. Pay €1, or more if you wish, via Greenshine on Bandcamp  and receive a copy of  Blue Velvet-

2. ‘DONATE’ what you can via     – over €400 raised in one day so far! – if you donate this way, please email us and will forward you an mp3 of Blue Velvet –

“We hope you enjoy our version of this beautiful song written by Bernie Wayne and Lee Morris. The song is a throwback to more romantic times – the vision of a beautiful woman moving through the crowd at a party, but when she left, gone was the glow of blue velvet. To us, blue velvet represents the peace and beauty in Ukraine that is now gone, but we hope will return soon.”

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