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Goldie Bron$on To Release ‘If I Ruled The World’

March 16, 2022

Goldie Bron$on is a 20 year old Independent Music Artist based in Cork City, Ireland.

He released his first single last May. His passion goes so far that he loves performing no matter the crowd or location. His sound comes from a wide range of influences which shows he has versatility across a number of genres, from Pop to Hip-hop to Electronic sounds, such is his love for making music.

But you can clearly know Goldie Bron$on due to his unique voice and brilliant songwriting ability, in taking a serious subject but making it listenable in any situation from your car.. to getting down at a party. ‘If I Ruled The World’ is a very special song for Goldie and he hopes to spread it as far as possible and perform it wherever he can.

Hot Press Magazine has even tipped this Cork singer-songwriter for a mainstream breakthrough in the near future. However Goldie shows his connection to what is going on in the world with his next single; an alternative pop song with multiple genres fusing together to form “If Ruled The World”, releasing on March 25th.

It is definitely the most personal song he has released so far with it being written just as he began to gain confidence to do music. Previously, and part of the reason Goldie Bron$on is Goldie Bron$on is due to the fear and reluctance he had to do music during school and kept it to himself until he was 18 and won his school talent show. Having written songs since a young age this song shows Goldie’s maturity and growth both as an artist and a person. Goldie Bron$on was a different character who he could be to make whatever it wanted to be while also speaking about things that affect him or his views on the world. Just earlier this year he reached number 2 on the Apple charts on a collaboration with London DJ Pivotal.

‘If I Ruled The World’ is a song about his own struggle to face his fears and insecurities in life but its also a call of encouragement to others to do the same. At the time Goldie was finishing up writing this song the Black Lives Matters movement had just went to the mainstream as well as seeing a lot of violence. Goldie encourages people to be true to themselves and also stand up for what’s right which is love and respect for everybody regardless of Race, Sexuality, Nationality etc.

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