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Gary O’Neill Set to Release Single ‘Petals’ Ahead of Debut EP

March 8, 2022

Emerging Irish Singer/Songwriter, Gary O’Neill is set to release his brand new single ‘Petals’ which is the first single off his Debut EP ‘For Those I’ve Missed’ which will be released a little later this Spring.

The EP was recorded in Asta Kalapa Studios, Co Wexford and ‘Petals’ drops March 18th 2022.

Gary is a Kilkenny born singer-songwriter and producer, who’s live performances have been described as Intimate, Honest and Full Of Character’, his band will do a small tour across Ireland in March to promote the EP with a date at Workman’s cellar in Dublin on March 20th 2022.

Gary started playing guitar at the young age of 14, thought by his father teaching him a few basic chords, Gary then went on to being entirely self-thought after and began writing his own music.

The Kilkenny singer-songwriter has spent his time growing up in numerous bands and finding his sound and style, speaking about his youth in music O’Neill states:

I played in different bands growing up, and wrote lots of music for my old teenage band; Alka Jessie. I think if I looked back on all of that work I would cringe at the thought of it. But we were so young. Everyone back then was a rock band, and this was our attempt at some progressive, folk outfit that cared more about what the story of a song could tell over the performance of it.”

Gary has released a few albums over the years but has since taken most stuff offline as he now gears to set out on his brand new musical journey and developing a new sound for himself.

“I was heavily influenced by John Martyn. He changed the landscape, for me, of what it meant to be a guitarist. Free formed, unusual open tunings- they were melodic and inimitable. He wavered the line between this wild, eccentric, comical entertainer – who was simultaneously a thoughtful, clever, passionate and romantic songwriter. The contrast was so intriguing to me.

I would’ve found similar inspiration with Ben Howard, David Gray- Joni Mitchell.  But my biggest influence, my reason for choosing to pursue music – is thanks to a Foy Vance concert I saw years ago. It embodied everything I would grow to love about writing and performing. Swinging from pure intimacy, to hilarity – having a whole room in the palm of your hands. It was such an emblematic, evocative, monumental moment for me; it kick-started my whole pursuit of music.”

‘To Those I’ve Missed’ is a body of work that explores friendships, relationships from the past, present and future. Time, especially within the last couple of years – can drift us apart. But the spirit of those we love and miss is boundless, and can always be acknowledged in the appearance of memory.

The EP drops April 15th 2022.

A song about living abroad, missing family. Petals is an ode my mother and grandmother and their hopes that I’d return home someday. “It’s not Ireland when you’re gone” they told me once over the phone.


An encounter, a story about a man falling for a French woman, fantasizing about the idea of moving to the countryside- but not certain if it’s entirely for love, or rather to escape his own circumstance.

A love letter, a story telling us that regardless of what happens in the future, the fondness of love & companionship will live in the perpetuity of memory

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