Frendan Releases Mesmerising Video for New Single ‘My Name’

May 27, 2022

Irish songwriter / producer, Frendan releases a new music video for single, ‘My Name’ on the 26th of May 2022. This is the second single from his unreleased debut album, Frend. 

The slow-tempo track serves as a meditation on heartbreak and personal growth, with luscious production and visuals to match.

In the video, we see a scruffily-dressed Frendan immersed in nature; defying the laws of gravity, speaking on the trials of loneliness and the challenges of growing up.

Frendan’s recently released debut single & music video, ‘Content’ received an overwhelmingly positive reaction. An introduction to a unique style that presents a dark intensity within a cartoonish world.

“Drawing strong influence from artists such as Flying Lotus, Aphex Twin and The Streets, Content marks the introduction to Frendan’s singular brand of experimentation”. – Justin McDaid, GoldenPlec Magazine

“Taking inspiration from the world-building of Gorillaz and the genre-agnostic approach of Brainfeeder, Frendan is making twisted rap music without leaving the shadows on Content”. – Dylan Murphy, District Magazine 

Following the release of ‘My Name’Frendan is set to release his debut album, Frend on the 30th of June 2022. An insight into the progressively unhinged mind of a fictional character, we are taken on a journey of heartache and insanity.

An eclectic mix of genre and tone, Frendan achieves both high intensity head bangers, as well as sensitive entries of insecurity and self disdain.

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