Four Nights Laments a Lost Love on New Single ‘Not This Time’

May 13, 2021

Four Nights has just released ‘Not This Time’. This is the third single to be taken from the Dublin-based artist’s forthcoming debut EP, due out later this year. It follows up three well-received singles offering listeners a taste of what to expect from the EP.

‘Not This Time’ is a slow-burning confessional about intense heartbreak, and the significant daily struggles that arise within it; obsessiveness on social media, insomnia, gut-punching realisations.

As Tommy Buckley AKA Four Nights explains, “I started writing ‘Not This Time’ years ago. I made multiple versions of the track with a variety of melodies and structures, before I parked it due to listener fatigue. It was only when I was finishing out my EP last year that I realised this song would make a perfect finale. Once it had its place, the whole thing came together in a day. The track’s inspiration doesn’t come from any romantic relationship I’ve had in the past, but more so from loss in general. Most people have been through it and a lot of those will have struggled in the way I do; usually overthinking to the point of madness in bed at night. It’s universally relatable.”

Tommy began writing his debut EP last April. Two months prior he had switched off from music completely, setting off to travel South-East Asia for a year. Only five weeks later he was forced to come home due to the pandemic. He released his debut singles in November and quickly gained 100k+ Spotify streams and heavy rotation on national radio. He followed this up with another track in February which gained placements on the ‘New Pop UK’ and ‘Chilled Pop Hits’ editorial playlists on Spotify.

‘Not This Time’ is out now.

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