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Four Faces release double single ‘Dublin’/’Dún Do Bhéal’

December 5, 2022

Four Faces‘ new double single of songs ‘Dublin’ and ‘Dún Do Bhéal’ is a unique new offering that sees the band momentarily depart from the sound of their initial release ‘Disarray’, which debuted in May, to lean more heavily into their Irish roots and influences. The band claims that both songs were written during a period when they became particularly more inspired by traditional Irish sounds citing the likes of The Dubliner’s, Damien Dempsey and The Scratch as influences.

The first new track, ‘Dublin’, epitomises this new sonic direction with Four Faces delicately balancing introspective lyrics, littered with references and social commentary of their beloved hometown Dublin against a musical backdrop that seamlessly meanders between the subtle, more stripped back moments and the lively and upbeat ones. Their second offering, ‘Dun Do Bheal’, develops stylistically in a similar manner with the song being propelled forward by a wave of arpeggiated guitars and a relentless, almost tribal drum beat that perfectly captures
the tension evoked in the lyrics. Both songs were recorded and engineered by Thomas McGovern at Black Mountain Recording Studios and mixed and mastered by Aidan Cunningham (Overhead, The Albatross/The Scratch).

Frontman, Daniel Ffrench, mentions that; “These songs are definitely more of a personal reflection of us as a band, highlighting both our struggles while our world was coming to a standstill and our determination to persevere in creating art and growing stronger in our friendships” The band who are made up of members Daniel Ffrench, Eoin Butterfield, Diarmuid Goggins
and Tommy Malone have spent the past year establishing themselves across the Dublin music scene by performing to several sold out crowds in Dublin venues such as The
Workman’s Cellar, Anseo and Whelan’s Upstairs. The release of ‘Dublin’ and ‘Dún Do Bhéal’ coincided with Four Faces’ final headline show of the year taking place in Dublin’s Whelan’s Upstairs venue on 24th November 2022.

The recording of these songs was funded through the Music Industry Stimulus Package (M.I.S.P) which was awarded to the band by The Department of Tourism, Culture, Arts, Gaeltacht, Sport and Media and administered by First Music Contact (FMC).

Stream ‘Dublin’ and ‘Dún Do Bhéal’ below:



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