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Fears to Release Debut Album

April 20, 2021

Following her performance at this year’s Musictown, Fears is delighted to share with you her album ‘Oíche’. The album is due for release Friday, 7th May 2021.

‘Oíche’ will be the first full length release on TULLE, a new label founded by Constance Keane and Emily Kendrick, women-led independent record label focussed on working with and for underrepresented voices in music.

‘Oíche’, meaning ‘night’ in Irish, was recorded and produced in three bedrooms, hospital, and most recently in the Domino Recordings studio in Brixton.

Pieced together over five years, ‘Oíche’ chronicles growth through challenges, instability, and relationship changes, both with one’s self and others.

An intimate depiction of discovery, ‘Oíche’ unearths internal dialogue, and makes peace with uncertainty.

Track listing:

  1. h_always
  2. Bones
  3. daze
  4. Fabric
  5. vines
  6. dents
  7. Brighid
  8. tonnta
  9. Blood
  10. two_

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Photo: Bríd O’Donovan

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