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Exciting Singer-Songwriter George Houston Releases New Album ‘Undesired’

November 15, 2022

Exciting, Donegal based singer-songwriter George Houston unleashes his highly anticipated new album ‘Undesired’.

The young artist kicked off his career in September 2020 with the release of his debut single ‘Boo Fucking Hoo’. The track picked up instant success which led to Houston being persuaded to record his debut album Cold Toast cementing his distinctive sound with brooding vocals, airy harmonies and candid lyrics. The artist has since seen traction and a steady growth of listeners across the country and beyond and has created a very loyal fanbase.

George Houston has received much high praise for his music having been played on radio and playlists throughout Ireland that has led to the young artist gaining a strong following. He’s had over 40,000 streams on Spotify since he released his album, making the artist a close one to watch and setting a sturdy foundation for his career ahead that is bound to excite music fans. Some previous support includes the likes of Radio Nova, Shannonside FM, Highland Radio, Dundalk FM, Drive 105, Album of the week on Ocean FM and many more.

Since the release of his debut album, the eclectic pop artist has found himself with multiple opportunities having played at The Regional Cultural CentreAn Grianán TheatreBuncrana Music FestivalDunfanaghy FestivalThe Earagail Arts Festival, BlackBox BelfastWhelans and the famous Stendhal Festival with the legendary Sister Sledge and Hayseed Dixies headlining.

Other acts he’s had the pleasure of supporting include In Their ThousandsTramp, Reevah, Without Willow, Niall McDowell, Rory Nellis and the award-winning Ciaran Lavery who co-wrote George’s first single of 2022 in an exciting collaboration titled ‘Painted Faces’. The artist is also set to support the amazing Hothouse Flowers December 2022.

As the singer- songwriter has been producing his second studio album for the past year, he’s excited to announce its long-awaited release, titled ‘Undesired’.

Undesired (Album Bio)

Keeping his ties close with his distinctive nostalgic sound, Donegal artist George Houston takes us to a dream-like world with rich vocals, twinkling synths and booming bass in his second eclectic pop album, ‘Undesired’.

Genres like Americana, vintage pop and folk rock were amongst the strong influences to the musician; he looked to artists like Kate Bush, Fleetwood Mac and David Bowie as inspirations for the soundscapes within the eleven-track album.

The listener is taken through the stages of grieving a lost relationship as each song is treated with a different approach to genre and feel.

With melancholic ballads like ‘World’s Worst Loser’ and ‘Her Glory’, Nonchalant chirpy songs like ‘New Friends’ and ‘Please Hold’, and distraught angsty numbers like ‘I Hate Love’ and the title track ‘Undesired’; the album builds and climaxes leaving deflated, wistful yet characteristically sunny tracks to cool the album down.

Ultimately the closing track ‘Turtle Island’ mirrors the destruction of what once felt like home in a dramatic instrumental outro, giving the album an overall cinematic feeling of closure.

As the production and sound of the album has been worked on over the past year (2021-2022), it has been used as a tool to exhibit the songwriting and storytelling the artist most prides himself on. With a love for songwriting greats like Leanord Cohen, Joni Mitchell and Dolly Parton; George has always tried to view his songs like poetry and storytelling, achieving a candid straightforward style that tells it as it is in an unpretentious manner that relates to audiences with ease.

True to form, the artist’s second studio album continues the eclectic pop world that listeners have grown to love since George Houston’s debut album ‘Cold Toast’. ‘Undesired’ in all its glory is another triumph in finding beauty in the sad and ugly aspects of life we try to keep hidden from view.

Undesired (Focus Track)

“Do you think it turns me on to be so damn undesired?” – The cutting question throughout the title track of George Houston’s second album ‘Undesired’.

Donegal musician George Houston sings of an unrequited love and the pain of a lost relationship in the fifth track of his brand-new album building to a climax in the 11-track record.

As the artist continues to deliver with his use of shimmering synths and choral harmonies, there is a grungy edge to this track that engages the listener to the pop rock, dreamy, almost anthemic song.

With an angsty spirit to the number, the wounded tragic narrative and romantic references within the verses set up the making of an empowering ‘come back’ chorus. Through the use of powerful drums and bass mixed with intense choir-like vocals, the closing chorus has a strong feeling of grandeur and accomplishment.

‘Undesired’ is a luscious soundscape comparable to the heavenly tracks of Fleet Foxes with bright backing vocals and a rich vocal lead likened to the deep melodies of Lana Del Rey; this distinctive sound hooks the listener in from the get go, drawing them to the memorable chorus lines associated with the artist that has set him apart from the alt-pop crowd typically seen in the country today.

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