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Eoin Devereux to Release New Single ‘Set My Eyes On You’

January 14, 2022

Eoin Devereux is a 19 year old artist from Ireland who began writing songs in his bedroom after going through hard times. “I didn’t really fit in as a teen I always felt out of place everywhere I went. Music is my place, it is where I belong and so my intention for people who have not found their place in the world to express themselves in even some small way through my music”.

“Set My Eyes On You” is about how powerful the force of love is. When we love someone or something, we can tend to glorify everything and put unfair standards on that person, forgetting they are human as well.

So I think the message of it is just love yourself because if you don’t it’s very hard for someone else to.

 “Set My Eyes On You” is the 5th release from the Wexford teen who began his career on April the 9th last year releasing “Going My Own Way”. 

He has also been releasing music videos since then, such as the one for Falling Apart which has amassed to more than 4 thousand views on YouTube.

“When I make my music videos I love creating a psychedelic experience, one that is unique to who I am as an artist. You know truly the most important thing is to believe in yourself because you get a lot of naysayers in life so just keep the faith in yourself no-one can take that away from you”.

“I think this song is just honest and isn’t holding back anything. I hope people can relate to that in some way”.

The song will be released on January 21st and you can find it on Spotify.

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