Eoin Devereux Reflects on Divisions in World on Latest Single

July 27, 2021

Eoin Devereux the young musician from Wexford is releasing a new song called ‘Falling Apart’ which is a successor to ‘Going My Own Way’ and ‘Fall And Save’ both written and recorded alone in his bedroom in County Wexford.

‘Falling Apart’ is also a song which he has made alone in his bedroom but this time he wrote a song looking externally to the world rather than looking into himself.

Looking at the world in the past few years has left us all with a hole in our heart.

For such an intelligent species we are so divided by things like race, gender, skin color etc. With this song and music video I wanted to showcase this division as I feel it is important to be honest and remember that we are the change in this world full of hate.

It starts with ourselves.

I am lucky and privileged to say that I am not affected by these issues but I am responsible to stand with those discriminated against and acknowledge their suffering because they deserve it and also to show those responsible because they too deserve it.

We must come together and find peace, It comes first above all else.”

‘Falling Apart’ is released on August 11th with the music video releasing on the 13th.

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