Enda Gallery Releases ‘So Easy Pt. II’ With Christian Rich

November 5, 2021

When Irish musician and producer Enda Gallery released his debut album ‘The Journey to Zero’ in April 2020 under his old name delush, the Irish artist had collaborated with a diverse range of talents: Kid Simius, Dead Rabbit, Nobody’s Face and written/produced for Tolü Makay, Willzee and Strange Boy. His history of producing and enabling these unconventional artists across many genres have gifted him the capability to thoughtfully mix his skills, self-determination, and empathy with the mastery of his own presence inside of a song.

Now, releasing under his own name, Gallery teams up with Grammy-nominated producer duo Christian Rich in ‘So Easy Pt. II’, the innovative sequel of his lush pop ballad ‘So Easy’, released on his 2020 debut album ‘Journey to Zero’.

There’s a unifying theme among the most progressive tracks that Drake, Childish Gambino, J.Cole, Earl Sweatshirt, Jay Sean and Vince Staples have released in the last decade: the musical duo behind their production, Christian Rich. Innovative beats produced by twins Kehinde and Taiwo Hassan have been gracing albums by the biggest names in Hip-Hop since 2001. The creatives’ strength lay in their flexibility, which enables them to engineer sounds that complement the unique strengths of each artist they work with. And now they join masterminds with County Clare based artist Enda Gallery. 

I wrote the original ‘So Easy’ when I gave up thinking that there would ever be an end to the tricks of the mind, the stresses and challenges that ripped me from momentary balance.

Self-compassion and forgiveness were the answers.” (Enda Gallery)


Enda Gallery is an artist with a real purpose, and that is to create beautiful and liberating art. He takes influence from genre defying artists such as Frank Ocean and Prince – mixed with the deep sincerity of songwriters like Sufjan Stevens, Alicia Keys and even Freddie Mercury. His fresh sense of creative deliverance provides some of the truest realisations and experiences in his songs.

Beyond the purpose of Enda Gallery’s craft are his goals as an artist. To create deep, innovative, and meaningful music as well as images, films and messages that connect with as many people around the world as possible. To in turn create an inspiring world.

 ‘So Easy, Pt. II’ by Enda Gallery & Christian Rich is out now on all digital platforms.

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YouTube: http://bit.ly/2OmGRLK

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