Emma Langford ‘Sowing Acorns’ a Triumphant Sophomore Release

October 20, 2020

‘Sowing Acorns’ is very much a declaration of who Emma Langford is and intends to be, the woman and the artist.

Following a rigorous three-year-run of live shows, video shoots, and collaborations, since her debut in 2017 with ‘Quiet Giant’, and bravely undeterred by the challenges posed by the pandemic, Langford recently shared her triumphant sophomore release.

Sowing Acorns is steeped in the musical influences of Joni Mitchell, The Staves, Lisa Hannigan and Anaïs Mitchell. It is a collection of 13 warm and reflective songs, lovingly embedded against a folk-imbued backdrop of strings and percussion.

The songs on this album pivot on an axis of female strength and empowerment (‘Birdsong’), but never shy away from vulnerability; Langford openly delves into personal encounters with grief (‘The Winding Way Down to Kells Bay’), ambition (‘Song For My Younger Self’), and broken relationships (‘You Are Not Mine’), while touching on other loose themes along the way. Regardless of whether the song drifts toward a folk or a soul sensibility, the common denominator throughout is Emma’s vocal range and tone, combined with strikingly observational and incisive lyrics.

Reflecting on the release one month on, Emma says:

“It was daunting putting this body of work out into the world after over a year bringing it together – I poured a lot of myself into it; but I knew we had something special, the collective energy from my friends, musicians, listeners, engineers – everyone – was so so positive.

I’ve been overwhelmed by the reaction to ‘Sowing Acorns’. Reviews have felt a bit like having my diary analysed and critiqued, but the response so far has thankfully been beautifully warm and thoughtful. I’m so grateful to the broadcasters and writers who have taken the time to look at the sketches and the old photos; to read the lyrics, and to get to know this collection of songs.

It was important to me with this album that it be enjoyed as a whole package – I love the art of album-making, the process of choosing the artwork, of including personal touches and notes. I’ve really valued reading reviews from fans and journalists alike who respect and appreciate that process.”

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