Emma Langford Shares ‘Mariana’ with Proceeds Going to Safe Ireland

May 1, 2020

‘Mariana,’ the latest release from Limerick singer-songwriter Emma Langford, is an uplifting, comforting song, taken from her forthcoming album ‘Sowing Acorns’ due out this September.

In the lyrics to Mariana, I tell someone I love just how much I admire and look up to her. I tell her that her kindness is witnessed more than she knows.

I tell her that I truly believe that when she doesn’t have the strength she needs to pull through on her own, that she does have the strength she needs to ask others for help.

I tell her that although I might not be the person she turns to, there are so many others that love her, that she can lean on, and she needs to believe that; I want her to understand that in her actions and her words she moves people, and that she is a beacon of hope to others.”  

“Mariana, listen to me…”

Speaking about how this song came to form, Emma says: “I wrote the words to Mariana in 2012, after 5 months living and working in Argentina. Its namesake was a friend and mentor I had met on my travels, but it was intended as a letter of sorts to a number of women who had touched and inspired me. I recorded it as a voice note, and then I put it away on the shelf.

The song eventually resurfaced in my memories; it had taken on new significance for me; I first played it in 2018 at a memorial event in my hometown of Limerick for Emma Mhic Mhathúna who was one of the women at the centre of the cervical check scandal.”

In 2019, Emma brought ‘Mariana’ in its simplest form to the Grammy nominated duo Chris O’Brien and Graham Murphy in The Production Suite, Dublin, and they worked their magic, charting a euphoric string section played beautifully by Lucia MacPartlin, Maria Ryan, and Alec Brown.

As her forthcoming album ‘Sowing Acorns’ was being pieced together, Emma made the decision each track would be a series of dedications, with a strong focus on the women in her life. Mariana is dedicated to the memory of Angeles Ito and LesleyAnne Liddane; “two women who were dazzling streaks of colour in a grey world, who cared deeply about others, and who would have urged me to find the joy in everything, to push on, to keep going.”

The song will be available to buy/stream on Bandcamp Friday the 1st of May, and all profits from its sale will go to Safe Ireland‘s Covid Emergency Fund. Safe Ireland is a nationwide network of 38 local shelters and agencies including Clare Haven and Adapt in Limerick.

The music video for Mariana will be premiered via Emma’s Facebook Live concert, tonight [FRIDAY 1st MAY], at 7pm. facebook.com/EmmaLangfordMusic

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