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Emerging Rapper Micko Set to Make Big Waves with Brand New Single ‘On the Low’

October 10, 2022

Micko (Michael Gartlan) – a rapper, singer, producer, songwriter and engineer – began writing music at age thirteen, and ten years later is now poised to prove how he deserves a top spot in music. The 23-year-old began releasing his music online in 2016, and since then has released two EPs and over 70 songs.

His songwriting, storytelling and production abilities have been acclaimed by both fans and critics, delivering an air of determination, confidence and honesty through each track. His sound was described as “really tight” by top producer Gavin Glass, reflecting the time Micko has spent perfecting each element of his work; his progression and growth are constant and can be heard throughout his catalogue, the entirety of which can be found on websites SoundCloud and YouTube, which were the platforms that helped launch his career.

By producing, writing, engineering, mixing and mastering all of his own music, as well as creating each song’s artwork, Micko has developed his sound and style without much outside influence. He sees this as an invaluable piece of his journey as both an artist and person, allowing him to connect with his work, creativity and purpose on a deeper level, ensuring every song is true-to-self and aligns with his message.

Micko began 2022 by releasing a new song every two weeks and continues to release new songs and videos consistently. His tracks have been played and featured on many publications, blogs, playlists and radio stations, including Ireland’s largest, RTÉ.

On the Low

This track features an intriguing lo-fi piano, which when paired with the dusty old school drums creates an irresistibly smooth production, on which Micko paints an authentic story with truly elite tier lyrics and a hugely catchy hook. He visited Las Vegas earlier this year and recorded a music video for this song. It will be Micko’s biggest release so far this year and he hopes it will help push his career forward & expose him to new audiences.

“The track is really a description/summary of how I like to live, I’m a pretty private person and ‘on the low’ is a representation of how I navigate life, mind my own business, stay quiet on a lot of things etc. I made the beat first and I feel like it carries the same energy sonically by being minimalistic/mysterious. The music video ties into the meaning of the song also, as the song I’m saying “keep it on the low” and the video is shot in Vegas, so it’s meant to be a juxtaposition of the two and it says “I might be doing something wild like staying in Vegas for a week where everything is fast paced and flashy etc., but I’m still keeping it on the low”. The beat, lyrics, flow, vocal delivery, video and overall vibe of the song represent me as a person perfectly which is always what I aim to do in my music; I’m happy with how I accomplished that on On The Low, and because of that the track means a lot to me.

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