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Emerging Irish Singer/Songwriter Seánie Bermingham Set to Release New Single ‘Call the Coroner’

September 5, 2022

Emerging Irish Singer/Songwriter, Seánie Bermingham is set to release his Debut EP ‘That Hollow Moon’.

‘Call the Coroner’ is the first of two singles to be released from his upcoming EP. It will be premiering on RTE 2XM this week and has been chosen as the Single of the Week on KCLR FM in the run up to its release.

The four track EP was produced and recorded in its entirety by Seánie, mixed by Cian Hamilton in Middle Ridge Studios, California and mastered by Richard Dowling.

‘Call the Coroner’ drops 09.09.22

Seánie is a folk artist from South Tipperary whose songwriting style is marked by thematically dense lyricism and intricate acoustic melodies. He recently shared the stage with Andy Irvine, Donal Lunny and Ye Vagabonds at the Pilgrims and Players Festival in Kilkenny and supported Gary O’Neill in The Workman’s Cellar.

His upcoming single combines double-tracked vocals and unconventional song structures to cultivate a sound entirely his own. Seánie released his debut single ‘By Lake or Sea’ last year which was met with widespread acclaim.

Seánie started songwriting and live performing in his early teens, performing with friends at home in Mullinahone and with Tipperary band We Looked Like Giants. Throughout these years, he continued to cultivate his playing technique, resulting in a musician who is able to captivate and draw in the listener on every song with interesting andengaging melodies on guitar, bouzouki, or whatever he happens to have to hand.

Seánie has been writing songs for the best part of a decade and when talking of his influences, he says:

“I was heavily influenced by the work of Sufjan Stevens and Fionn Regan, but none more so than Justin Vernon. His self titled second Bon Iver album opened the door to an entire new world of music for me. It completely changed my relationship with music and what the guitar was. I fell into a rabbit hole of alternate guitar tunings and have never looked back. The guitar for me is an ever changing instrument as I go through phases of various tunings, each one bringing with it an entirely different sound. The tuning dictates the type of song that is written, so I feel that if my songwriting becomes too one-dimensional, I move to a different tuning and enter an entirely new world of songwriting.” 

The Tipperary singer-songwriter spent his early years surrounded by great music which helped him find his sound and style, speaking about his youth in music Bermingham states:

“I was very lucky to have found inspiration at my home-place in Mullinahone, Co. Tipperary. My parents renovated an old cow shed into an intimate concert venue when I was 12 called Crocanoir. Over the years, we have had renowned Irish and international folk artists performing on my doorstep. This total immersion in folk and traditional music from an early age has shaped and moulded my songwriting style. These concerts would always end with a music session in my living room so having the opportunity to play in such an intimate setting with these incredible artists was invaluable to my development as a musician. Their ability to put the outside world on hold and keep the audience in the palm of their hand through song and story is something I aspire to achieve in my songwriting and performing.” 

Call the Coroner

A song about growing anxiety and the loss of self attributed to that. Life doesn’t always work out in the way you had intended, but nothing ever “should” be a certain way, no matter how much you’d like for it to be. It isn’t what happens, but rather how to respond to it. Coming to this realisation and allowing these emotions to wash over you as opposed to fighting them was integral to me getting my sense of self back.

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