ELLYD Shares New Guitar Driven Single

July 23, 2021

Following almost a year’s hiatus, singer ELLYD returns with her new guitar driven electronic single ‘Speak Slowly’ on July 23.

The Dubliners latest offering is just as catchy as her last single ‘On My Way’ which received national radio air-play and reached number one in the iTunes charts.

ELLYD wrote and produced ‘Speak Slowly’ in her home studio, before sending it to London based engineer Sefi Carmel (Bowie, Massive Attack, Bruno Mars) who gave the single its final mix and master.
Speaking about how ‘Speak Slowly’ came about, the singer said: “‘Speak Slowly’ is about communication, lack of communication, the problems that arise from that and the frustration felt from it.

Initially when I wrote the hook for the song, I kind of felt like it was going to be a slow-ish tune. But when I started production, it quickly became clear what it was meant to be.

My last release was ‘On My Way back’ back in September 2020 so it’s been a while since I’ve put new music out there. I’m very excited!

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