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Elephant in the Room Release Single “Up All Night”

June 24, 2022

Elephant in the Room is an electronic/soul/pop duo comprised of Ireland natives Marty Mullally and Keenan Copas.

The group has worked with a number of artists as ghost-writers and producers, most notably Josh Gray, co-writing and producing his track “Come Home”, which has reached over 400,000 streams on Spotify.

After college they moved to New York City, where they have honed and refined the sound we hear in their music today.

Up All Night’ champions Elephant in the Room’s fusion-based experimental production style on an earthy/electronic soundscape. It is a perfect party song and conjures up images of face paint,
luminous wrist bands and a full field of free spirits lost in the transcendence of festival life.

It is the duo’s most danceable song to date and the release is perfectly timed before the much anticipated summer of 2022. Producers can put their producer hats on. Vocalists can get their unique
covers ready. Music lovers, turn up your speakers – this one is coming to every party near you.

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