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Elaine Mai Shares Video For ‘Waiting To Breathe (Feat. Loah)’

October 28, 2021

Elaine Mai has just released one of the hottest Irish albums of the year in ‘Home’ and now she is following up on her success by dropping a gorgeous video for latest single ‘Waiting to Breathe (feat. Loah)’.

Elaine Mai says:  The reaction to the album has been really amazing and I’m still on a high from the release. After such a long journey to this point, it feels really satisfying to be able to see the album out there being shared and enjoyed by people. Playing these new songs live has also been an incredible experience and I’m excited for more shows and opportunities to connect with audiences, I’ve really missed that. I’m also very excited for people to see the beautiful video for my latest single ‘Waiting to Breathe (feat. Loah)’, I think it fits the track perfectly and the director Michael-David McKernan did a brilliant job of telling the story. It draws you in and makes you feel hopeful and excited for this potential new couple.”

The video, directed by Michael-David Kiernan, is seasonally set during Halloween and stars Ally Ryan and Jade Jordan as two lovers at the beginning of a new romance.

Michael-David Kiernan says:  “I wanted this video to feel like an escape for our two romantics; to capture that spontaneous energy that takes hold of you at the start of a new romance. That spontaneity is intoxicating, and so is Elaine and Loah’s track. I had two phenomenal actors to work with in Ally and Jade. Both of them instantly understood the subtlety of performance I was hoping to capture, and Ally gave us one hell of an unchoreographed dance for the video’s finale.”

Since its release on Friday 8th May, Elaine Mai’s debut album ‘Home’ has already amassed over 60,000 streams and entered the iTunes Ireland Electronic chart at No. 2. ‘Waiting to Breathe (feat. Loah)’ has gained over 11,000 streams in the fortnight since its release and has been added to Spotify playlists such as New Music Friday, A Breath of fresh Éire and New Dance Revolution.

Elaine Mai’s sold out album launch party takes place at The Workman’s Club Cellar this Friday 29th of October where she will be joined on stage by special guests MayKay, Ailbhe Reddy and Loah, who all lend their outstanding vocals to singles from the album

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