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Elaine Mai and Murli Collaborate on New Single ‘Ready’

September 14, 2022

‘Ready’ is the new track and collaboration by two of Ireland’s most exciting artists, Elaine Mai and MuRli: a soaring, empowering electronic banger that reaches for the stars from its dancefloor roots.

Elaine Mai and MuRli were brought together as part of Jameson Connects, challenging the two artists to create a new song to be performed live for the very first time at All Together Now, one of the highlights of Ireland’s festival calendar. The outcome is the upbeat and inspiring song ‘Ready’, with MuRli’s stunning vocals and Mai’s incredible production, resulting in something truly special.

The track was created from a guitar sample by MuRli that Mai expanded on to produce the rest of the music. Once MuRli added the lyrics and vocals, the track was ready to be performed exclusively to the crowds at All Together Now on the final night of the festival.

‘Ready’ draws on a number of influences as well as the unique artistic styles of Elaine Mai and MuRli. This dancefloor filler is propelled forward by Mai’s catchy synth lines and MuRli’s unmistakable vocals and lyrics: an uplifting and empowering synthpop banger that compels the listener.

Thematically, the track draws on the reality of aspiring for greater things in spite of the cards one’s been dealt. At times you can only work with what’s in front of you, the rest is out of your control so there’s no better time than the now! When you can think about it, you are ready. ‘Ready’ is your new antidote to procrastination.

Unspoken bonds or ‘sparks’ happen when kindred spirits connect. Jameson Connects is a platform created to encourage people to celebrate that spark. This year, Jameson is aiming to widen the circle and bring some new voices to the centre to share their spirit. Follow the campaign at #WidenTheCircle where you’ll see how Jameson connects and collaborates with the People, Places and Pulse of communities around the world.

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