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Eimear Quinn Premieres New Song with Brendan Graham…for Brigid

February 1, 2023

To celebrate the new St. Brigid’s Day bank holiday, Eimear Quinn will premiere “The Mouth of Winter Dead” (Brigid’s Song) as part of a special concert by the singer in St. Brigid’s Cathedral, Kildare, on Sunday, 5th February.

The Mouth of Winter Dead – music by Quinn to lyrics by Brendan Graham sees the lyricist return to the elemental themes which, with Quinn’s ethereal singing, made The Voice such a powerful force in Ireland’s last victory at Eurovision.

The writer of such classics as Rock ‘n’ Roll Kids, Isle of Hope, Isle of Tears, and lyricist of You Raise Me Up, says of this new song,

‘’It is such a delight to be reunited again, in song with Eimear, who came up with such an atmospheric and elemental melody to my words’’.

‘‘While Brigid is a transitional figure in Irish life, I was intrigued by her as a pagan goddess before she was Christianised. The ancient festival of Imbolc/Imbolg – ‘in the belly’ – of the First of February/Brigid’s Day – celebrated fertility and growth. So too is the seed of new life nourished within Brigid. She is the ‘Kiss of Spring to the Mouth of Dead Winter’.’’

As the song, in the voice of Brigid, tells:

‘’And I will warm your winter lips with kisses I will bring…

Breathe into your winter mouth, with the breath of Spring –

With hair unbound, will lay you down and wake your winter sleep,

And gently grow the seed you sow, within my body deep’’.

Eimear Quinn, speaking of her new song says,

 “The miraculous cycle of life and death, is the origin of all things. It not only predates, but actually provokes religious understanding. The symbolism of Brigid, both Goddess and Saint, allows us to pause with wonder at the kindling of dead winter into the new life of spring.” 

 In advance of her performance on Sunday, the singer says,

When I first performed in St Brigid’s Cathedral 15 years ago, I felt held in the loving safety of that sacred place, and every single time since. I’ve also gotten to know the extraordinary Brigidine Sisters, who hold a dear place in my heart with their journey from a small house in the town, to the incredible Solas Bhride Centre, where Brigid’s light burns .

Returning to Brigid’s Cathedral for her festival this February will be joyful and magical, and I can’t wait to perform this new song “The Mouth of Winter Dead” co-composed with Brendan and honouring our own magnificent and sensual Brigid”



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