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Dora Gola Set To Release New Single ‘Jestem’

April 8, 2022

Jestem is the 3rd single from Dancer, Singer-Songwriter, extraordinaire DORA GOLA.

Jestem, meaning ‘I am’ in polish, demonstrates the dark moon aspect of Dora Gola’s musicality. While previous releases including dance ballad ‘Dark Sand’ and the spritely bopping ‘Flying Tree’ move the body, Jestem is a song which moves the emotions.

Jestem is a captivating down tempo lullaby with natural soundscapes of water drops, whale whistles and gentle hand drumming.

Dora’s striking voice transmits a sincere intimacy with sections of slavic lyrics which mark Jestem as the first song released by Dora Gola written in both Polish and English.

By hearing Dora sing in her first language, we hear a new side of her multicultural expression and one which flows right to the heart. Paired excellently with Eastern instruments which summon a landscape of aching beauty and wonder as strings swell and recede in keeping with rich and dynamic choral voices.

This push and pull reaches its climax with an almost ceremonial section of primal chanting, evoking a celebration of self-acceptance and self-love for the many identities we each have coming together as a whole.

‘Jestem’ music video will be released via YouTube on April 26th 2022.

Instagram: @doragola

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