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Diatribe Records Presents Long-Awaited Solo Début by Panos Ghikas

August 19, 2020

Diatribe Records proudly presents the long-awaited solo début by Panos Ghikas – ‘Unrealtime’ – on limited edition 12” vinyl and digital on Saturday October 3rd 2020.

This blistering new release takes its name from unreal-time, a technologically mediated concept for improvisation and composition developed and explored by Ghikas since 2012. First evidenced on his duo LP with long term collaborator Jennifer Walshe, the critically-acclaimed ‘Good Teeth’ (2013), unreal-time can also be heard on this year’s release from cult electronica outfit Matmos’ ‘The Consuming Flame: Open Exercises in Group Form’ (2020).

Combining notated composition, directed and free improvisation, ‘Unrealtime’ utilises acoustic and digital interactions to invent audio-collages made of multiple time-resolutions. Its distinct approach lies in its ‘out-of-time’ process of generating sonic results that appear beyond the scope of an acoustic improviser’s real-time recall of the physically-stored mechanical gestures or a composer’s invention in suspended time.

The material on this album is the fruit of an intense period of collaboration between Ghikas and stellar music-makers – composer-improvisers Nick Roth and Luis Tabuenca and performer-musicologist-technologist Pavlos Antoniadis.

diatribe.ie / panosghikas.com

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