Diarmuid J Kennedy Releases New Violin and Piano Duet

December 8, 2020

The indie-classical composer Diarmuid J Kennedy releases  a new violin and piano duet called ‘Chase A Loss’ this month, on 18th December. Joining the Dublin pianist with a virtuosic performance on violin, is Galway-based artist sølstrek.

It was a different world the last time we heard from  Diarmuid in January when he played a benefit gig for PSPA Ireland at Arthur’s Jazz and Blues Club. The sold out concert raised much needed  funds for the PSPA charity as well as being a great night where Diarmuid played to a thrilled crowd showcasing some of his pieces including ‘The Velvet Strand’ and ‘For Love Of Chocolate’ as featured on RTE Lyric FM. 

For his latest recording, both performances were performed remotely due to travel restrictions. Diarmuid describes how it was, “brilliant to work with Sinead, in sølstrek, such a brilliant talent!” and he looks forward to playing ‘Chase A Loss’ live soon. Diarmuid explains the inspiration for the piece“‘Chase A Loss’ is about a kind of craving. Chasing one’s losses is used a lot in gambling but for this piece, it’s like being haunted by things we have lost, gone forever and how we  dwell on these things trying to somehow make them right. This year, we could say we have lost so much with the pandemic.” 

While we have may have lost something with the pandemic,  we have certainly gained something new with this new exciting collaboration!

Twitter: @diarmuidjk
YouTube: www.youtube.com/c/diarmuidjkennedy
Website: www.diarmuidjkennedy.com

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