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Derry guitarist Paul Casey releases ELO / Jeff Lynne cover ‘Hold On Tight’

September 9, 2022

Paul Casey presents an intriguing take on Hold On Tight, along with a music video shot in Derry.

I remember as a kid listening to a 7” single of ‘Hold On Tight’ on repeat. Everything about the original song is perfect, the tempo, the backbeat, lyrics, the vocal sound and delivery. I just connected with it” says the Northern Irish guitarist.

Casey has delivered an assuredly different version of the song, slowing down the tempo and making it more 80’s synth and hypnotic guitar-driven. “Once I landed on a tempo I was amazed at how it made me think more of the lyrics. With everything that’s going on in the world today it feels like these lyrics deliver, perhaps more than ever, an important and uplifting message” Casey reflects. “I’m such a huge Jeff Lynne fan and I was worried I’d mess this up. Hopefully I haven’t!”

As usual the Derryman has shot an accompanying music video for the single, and this one features his sons. “My sons are huge music and film fans. Whether I knew it or not, I think the song encouraged me to follow my dreams, so I hope it’ll have the same effect on them.”

Hold On Tight is out on Friday, 9 September across all digital streaming services.

Watch the video here:

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