Debut EP from VJ Jaxson Out 25th June

June 17, 2021

VJ Jaxson is real. There is nothing hidden with the Irish-Nigerian artist, he chooses to be vulnerable and brave with his listeners and his forthcoming debut EP, out 25th June, sees no deviation from that mission. Entitled ‘Finding Myself’, it is an emotive body of work that continues to push the boundaries of the artist’s sound. Lead track ‘Sweat And Tears’ is a must-listen for fans of Juice WRLD and Lil Peep, echoing a positive message of determination and strength with defiant lyrics of “I will never give up trying”. The chorus blends strong guitar riffs with an anthemic hook that grabs you from first listen.

VJ’s genre-spanning sound blends hip-hop production with emo delivery. There are elements of soul, R&B and pop – with darker undertones lurking in the background all the while. What is most striking about the music though is VJ’s emotionally turbulent lyrics. They delve into the artist’s own insecurities, and these are clearly the laminations of someone who has been in the throes of their own struggles. VJ took a career hiatus after a bout of depression but, after stepping away for a brief period, he turned to his faith and came to rediscover his drive and self-belief as an artist. This EP is an ode to those tough times.

Now back with a different view of success and the creative process, this exciting artist shows a continued progression and maturity with his debut EP. The lyricism is heartfelt and honest, taking the listener on a journey through tales of faith, self-belief, loneliness and anxiety. This new body of work has allowed VJ to express everything he’s been through and hold true to his ultimate purpose of reaching “people who are in the same situation and need a sense of direction to get back on track.”

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Photo: Sharon Crowley

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