Debut Album from Bobsleigh Bob

March 25, 2021

‘How To Measure A Coastline’ was born from a throw-away comment on a science podcast about ‘how measuring coastlines is notoriously difficult because as well as all the moving parts, the closer you look the more detail you see and therefore the longer the measurement’. This led Bobsleigh Bob to consider how the same applies to everyday scenarios and relationships, and how we can choose to not look too close, ignore the detail and simplify things, or we can look closely at the detail, make the task more difficult and intricate, but garner much more in the process. Bobsleigh Bob elaborates; “With the title track on the album (the first to be written and recorded over 3 years ago) I wanted to mirror this in the music as well as the lyrics. The contrast of the slow simple chords against the fast and complex percussion aims to represent the birds-eye view versus the microscopic. The same piece of music but viewed and explored in very different levels of detail. This theme is then reflected in the other 7 tracks on the album.” ‘How To Measure A Coastline’ will be released on Friday, March 26th.

The taster, ‘Civil Twilight’, for this debut long play, is quite the earworm which this writer believes should easily find a home on some alternative chill out playlists at streaming level while also strike interest amongst those of you who have a flair of discovering new music a tad different from all the excellent output currently coming from the mainstream genre in our country! ‘Civil Twilight’ is available from all digital platforms now with the album live for pre-sale from .

Bobsleigh Bob is a Dublin-born and Limerick-based musician and music industry professional. After many years working behind the scenes in event production, festival management, sound engineering, design and marketing, he is now preparing to step out from behind the stage curtain with the release of this debut album, ‘How To Measure A Coastline’.

Having started his musical career playing guitar in teenage rock bands in the likes of Eamonn Doran’s and the Bruxelles basement, the guitar remained his instrument of choice into recent years. ‘How To Measure A Coastline’ marks a change in approach and style with mellow synths and plucky keys taking centre stage.

Insta. @bobsleighbob | T. @bobsleighbob | FB. @bobsleighbobmusic Bandcamp.

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