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Danó & Goldie Bron$on Set to Release New Single ‘Tokyo Trip’

October 17, 2022

Danó and Goldie Bron$on will release new single, ‘Tokyo Trip’ on October 28th in line with the Cork Jazz Festival weekend.

Danó has amassed over 100,000 followers on TikTok and Goldie Bron$on was nominated for Most Promising Act By Hot Press Magazine in their Hotties 2022 alongside the likes of Malaki, Gemma Dunleavy and Cian Ducrot. Which even surprises himself as he only began making music in 2021.

Myself and Daniel have written nearly 100 songs together but this was the first one with complex enough chords that he was happy to stand by it and put his name to it. He did the music I just did the lyrics on this one. Last November, I also played my first sold out Cork show and fundraised for Pieta House and me and Daniel played some of the unreleased tracks we have written.Says Goldie Bron$on

He continues, “‘Tokyo Trip’ is many different things – from recounting my daily routine from the time I wrote it, to now sending emails at 9am its a bit different, to wanting peace on earth while we trying to make music our career shouting out two legends Dbo Funds and Kojo Funds. I write the Goldie Bron$on stuff from the perspective of a Goldfish or the world being a fish bowl where we have 10 second memory. I had this idea in initially and did it from the beginning with the concepts but now is the time to reveal. The more I think about it the more similarities I think Humans and Goldfish have now with technology making the world a lot more connected literally but with the unrealistic expectations placed on people and attention spans getting shorter and shorter chances are you didn’t even read this long. As I write this, I’m in my fish bowl of Cork City I used to long for Tokyo, Amsterdam or West LA but they don’t have Beamish there so whats the point in going really. We made this track on a budget of pretty much 0$ but with a lot of love and just doing what we want to do, originally written on my out of tune Piano and then we upped the production to a college accommodation using Garageband. We would love to see some support in any way so we can continue to produce some of our best tunes that we have written but have yet to record.”

Pre-save ‘Tokyo Trip’ here.

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