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Danny O Connor Releases Second Studio Album ‘Wisdom & Graft’

September 30, 2022

After two years of writing, composing, recording, arranging, mastering, fine-tuning sleeve artwork and shooting videos, it’s here: WISDOM & GRAFT goes live on September 30, 2022.  

Like most musicians around the globe, Berlin-based Irish singer-songwriter Danny O Connor found himself at home with no live gigs to play in the foreseeable future with Murphy’s Law, his beloved and normally busy Irish Folk Band, in March 2020. Between making a living as a Graphic Designer and keeping then three year old daughter Roxy entertained, he took to the guitar and a notebook. 

Melodies and lyrics developed and were soon recorded with musical collaborator and friend Moe Jaksch at the latter’s studio. The pair experimented with arrangements, debated a lot, recorded, discarded and started over again. Eventually, twelve tracks were found worthy by the pair to see the light of day, and three of them, NORTHERN LIGHTS, THE WINNER and NEW LIFE were pre-released as singles and videos over the summer months in the run-up to the album release.

NORTHERN LIGHTS, an up-tempo gospel, soul and rock track, went live on June 6 and was picked up by several radio stations in Danny’s native Ireland, among them Highland Radio and Ocean FM, who added it to their “New Irish” playlist. The video was written and produced by the talented Florian Keller, who quickly went from being Just Another Drummer and the latest addition to Murphy’s Law to an invaluable artistic collaborator. NORTHERN LIGHTS was produced by Moe Jacksch and features gospel and soul legends Ingrid Arthur and Tracey Duncan on backing vocals. Both also live in Berlin. 

THE WINNER went live on August 5 and features the meanwhile five year old Roxy O’Connor, Danny’s daughter, who is definitely following in her Daddy’s footsteps. A dancer and singer who has already been on stage, she started taking fiddle lessons with band member Sara Wegen and will no doubt have Dad’s band supporting for HER one day. Until then, she enjoys making music with Danny and has learned from him how to turn unexpected life events into positives. That’s what this song is about.

NEW LIFE is about Danny’s relative Billy and his journey back to life from a debilitating chronic illness. It was released on September 2, 2022.

“This album has lived inside me since I’ve started making music”, says Danny. “It just took me all those years to find the right people to record, produce and eventually perform it with to get it out there. It is about making things happen, never giving up and making dreams come true even and particularly during  challenging times. Today, I am happy to be able to do what I love and thankful for my family’s support, as well as for the friends and fans who helped with their inspiration, input and, eventually, when we finalised it amidst lockdown, a crowdfunding campaign. That happiness and sense of “having arrived where you belong” is reflected throughout the album, whether you’re listening to one of the upbeat dance songs or one of the quiet ballads I sing Roxy to sleep with.”

WISDOM & GRAFT is available from September 30 on Spotify, Apple Music and on Amazon Music. A “sneak pre-listen” performance on September 4 during Berlin’s legendary Konzertsommer will be followed by the official record release party at Kulturhaus Karlshorst on November 19, 2022.

Follow Danny on Facebook or Instagram for release dates, tour info and radio performances. 


Danny O Connor was born and raised in the musical Northwest of Ireland. Growing up in Ballyshannon, Co. Donegal, early influences were his brothers and the traditional and folk musicians staying at his parental home during the annual Ballyshannon Folk & Traditional Music Festival. 

By the age of 12, he was already fronting a band and making an impact on local audiences with cover songs and last not least his remarkable talent for engaging and entertaining audiences, which remains one of his trademarks until today and has endeared him to audiences across Europe and the United States.

His college years saw him perform solo and with rock band Inuendo, with whom he toured the Netherlands, Ireland, and Germany. Settling down in Berlin after his graduation and a brief interlude as a graphic designer in Dublin, he founded Murphy’s Law, today Berlin’s most popular live band, and released his solo debut BLACK SHEEP in 2016. It anticipates some of the various musical styles Danny explores on its follower WISDOM & GRAFT, transcending his folk roots, but always remaining true to his musical heritage.

WISDOM & GRAFT is the result of Danny’s growth as an artist and Dad over the years since the release of his debut, of establishing a trusted circle of musical friends and collaborators, a long lockdown and the support of his committed fan base who helped fund the production.

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